The Fellowship at the Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre was initiated in 1982 and has evolved into a two year program involving both clinical work in sports medicine, as well as the completion of a Master of Science (MSc.) degree. The Fellowship is multi-faceted with the following components:

  1. Clinical Exposure: In the first year the bulk of the time is spent working with each of the Primary Care principals. After an initial period of familiarization with the specific sports oriented history and physical, the Fellow sees, assesses and reviews the cases with one of the primary care physicians. Ample time is available for discussion. The year’s program allows for follow-up evaluation of the patients, clearly an important aspect of medical practice. Some time may also be spent in Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics, Radiology and other related disciplines.
  2. Master’s Degree in Sport Science: The Fellow is required to complete, or have completed, a program of study leading to a Master of Science Degree. This will provide the Fellow with training in research.
  3. Sports Medicine Courses: These are given through the School of Human Kinetics at UBC on a credit basis. They cover all musculoskeletal and organic systems and how these are affected by sports injury or illness.
  4. Research: The Fellow is expected to organize for publication a clinical or basic science research paper of choice. This is often based on the thesis topic required for the Master’s degree. With the plethora of clinic resources and ready access of laboratory studies, there is ample choice of research topics.
  5. Educational: The Fellow, as a member of the Clinic, is expected to partake in teaching both within and outside of the Clinic. There are always one or two Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Physical Medicine or Rheumatology residents training at the clinic; as well, the clinic often receives requests from the community, either general or medical, for sports medicine lectures on a myriad of subjects, and the Fellow is encouraged to participate in these events.
  6. Community Service: There are often requests for interested medical personnel to be available at various sports events, such as UBC Varsity competitions, marathons, fun runs or the like.
  7. Conferences: The Fellow is expected to participate in all rounds and conferences that are hosted by the clinic each year. In addition, there are a large number of conferences, both across Canada and in the U.S., which may benefit the Fellow.


The format of the year is very flexible and amenable to alteration as per individual aims and interests. Generally speaking, the Fellow spends about two and one half days/week at the clinic, and the rest of the week in course work, research, providing medical assistance to a team/sport, etc. There is enough material for study to make the Fellowship a full-time program and we do encourage the completion of the Fellowship on a full-time basis.

Funding: There is a potential source of funding through the Department of Family Practice: www.familymed.ubc.ca , and refer to R3 Programs and Skills Training under postgraduate education. Please note that this is a separate application process.

A chronological list of our Fellows follows with their current location:

Rob Lloyd-Smith 1982 Sports Medicine, Allan McGaving Sports Medicine Centre; Student Health Services, University of British Columbia
Jim MacIntyre 1983 Sports Medicine, Advanced Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Murray, UT
Gordon Matheson 1984 Director, Sports Medicine Division, Stanford University, CA
Sue Hopkins 1985 Department of Physiology, University of California at San Diego
Dan Joyce 1986 Private Practice, Washington State
Constance Lebrun 1987 Director, Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic, University of Alberta
Preston Wiley 1987 Co-Director, University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre
Willem Meeuwisse 1988 Medical Director, University of Calgary Sports Medicine Centre
Mary Gisslow 1989 Student Health Services, University of British Columbia
Neil Craton 1990 Director, University of Manitoba Muscoloskeletal Fellowship and the Hargraves Sports Medicine Clinic
Navin Prasad 1991 Sports Medicine, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
Karen Legg 1992 Family Practice, Vancouver; Student Health Services, UBC
Carl Shearer 1993 Sports Medicine, New West Sports Medicine Clinic, New Westminster, BC
Andrew Stager 1994 Emergency Medicine and Sports Medicine, Lions Gate Hospital, North Vancouver, BC
Mark Roberts 1995 Medical Director, Clinical Teaching Unit VGH; Medical Manager, Acute Medical Unit VGH; Sports Medicine, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
Jennifer Robinson 1996 Family Practice, Vancouver
Garth Hunte 1997 Emergency Medicine, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver
Karim Khan 1998 Department of Family Practice (Bone Health), University of British Columbia
Nick Carter 1999 Physical Rehabilitation and Rheumatology, England
Chris Johnston 2000 Sports Medicine, Halifax, NS
Michael Koehle 2001 School of Human Kinetics, University of British Columbia; Sports Medicine, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
Jill Osborn 2002 Dept. Anaesthesiology, St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver; Division of Acute and Chronic Pain
Fern von der Porten 2005 Whistler Medical Clinic
Sara Forsyth 2006 WorkSafeBC
Nick Rose 2007 Emergency Medicine, VGH; Sports Medicine, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
Tom Green 2008 Emergency Medicine, Royal Columbian Hospital; Sports Medicine, Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
Kara Solmundson 2009 Fellowship, year 2
Shiroy Dadachanji 2010 Fellowship, year 1
Justin Ting 2011 In-coming Fellow, July 1, 2011

It is the aim of the Fellowship to develop the clinical, educational and research capabilities of the sports medicine physician in order to maximize their contribution to the community, both general and medical.

The Canadian Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) has established a certification examination and it is required that the Fellow complete this following the training period.

Formal application via a letter of intent and interest is required, as well as three letters of reference and an up-to-date curriculum vitae. Application deadline is October 15th, 2011 and all correspondence should be directed to:

Fellowship Program
Attn: Nancy McLaren
Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
3055 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Tel: 604-822-4045
Email: mclaren@interchange.ubc.ca

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